City Girl Moves to the Country (Funny Little Stories)

Making the transition to small town living

long earlier than we left the city 4 years in the past, and moved to the u . s . a ., with its lovely peach blossom orchards, i labored at an coverage organization as an underwriting examiner. to my protection, i will say i used to be very younger at the time.
i will by no means forget the day, after inspecting the again of an insurer’s coverage amendments, which lists any injuries, etc., which i needed to evaluate and red flag anything out of the normal to then take delivery of to the underwriter for approval. at that time, we had been all out in a big open area with hundreds and masses of desks all covered up (no cubicles at that point).
so, i used to be inspecting a selected policy change, which indicated this man or woman had an twist of fate, and that his car was totaled because of a bush hog walking out in front of him. well, my na├»ve self commenced to remark out loud to all people nearby, “wow, that must have been one massive hog coming out of that bush to have totaled out his automobile!!!” then, i additionally brought, “that have to were a big bush to have hidden a hog that massive!” ha. ha. well, there was lifeless silence (i ponder why?) ha.

developing up, although we did now not stay within the u . s ., we drove through the geographical region many-a-instances, and seeing the farm system out within the fields, and many others., i simply continually idea of any sort of tractor-kind gadget as simply being a tractor. i did no longer recognise all of them had unique names. ha, once more.
pointless to mention, my co-workers, at the time, in no way let me stay that one down!!!
so, while we moved to the u . s . a ., i used to be organized to be informed of bush hog system, etc., not being a tractor and what the distinction is between the two.

Pleasant humans

one of the very first variations i noticed approximately small metropolis lifestyles, rather than big city lifestyles, become when I went to the first-rate little post office to mail a bundle.
while ready in line at the put up workplace, every unmarried individual who spoke to the postal worker behind the counter, started up a conversation of the way their own family contributors have been doing, and many others., and that they each conversed back and forth, naming every body, i.e., “so, how’s uncle joe doing and your brother bennie?” this went on with each unmarried patron, i.e., “so, is your momma out of the clinic and doing well?” or “did eddie get that task?”

then it was my turn to speak to the postal worker, who became first-rate and greeted me, however then after the salutations, dead silence. i should inform she became trying to parent out who i used to be, as become absolutely everyone else waiting in line behind me. hmmm, someone new on the town has arrived.

so, i instinctively stated, “well, my husband is doing lots better after our dog chewed him up the primary day we arrived right here in town, thank goodness.” everyone present, in unison, said, “oh, that is right!!!” reputedly, a number of humans on the town heard the commotion of all of the rescue people, blaring down the road that day.

determined out later, it became inside the nearby paper. in small towns, and many others., news travels fast to mention the least.

Absolutely everyone knows everybody...

speaking of that first day we arrived on the town, while my husband became nonetheless within the sanatorium from, , being chewed-up by our canine, i had to visit city corridor to get our utilities located in our names, as we just moved in.

once I arrived at town hall, the police lieutenant noticed me, and asked approximately my husband. i told him that i was so appreciative of every body for arriving so fast that day and that i apologized for causing a commotion on the first actual day we arrived in town. i told him we simply wanted to return and go peacefully and no longer to disturb all people. that is why we moved here, for the peace of usa existence. he was beaming with pride, and stated that they had been happy with a view to assist and implied that an awful lot of nothing takes place round there, so they had been happy so that you can assist someone.

then he commenced to invite me in a completely southern accent, and seemed to be very excited at the possibility . . . but he requested me, “wouldn't it be ok if we published a massive blown up picture of your bloodied-up husband mendacity on the ground, right right here on this big wall in metropolis corridor, so human beings can see it once they first stroll in, and have a caption pronouncing, ‘may want to your canine do that to you?’” ha. nicely, to say the least, i was shocked while he asked that, and that i actually did now not recognize a way to solution him, apart from, “properly, i’ll have to run that by using my husband and get back with you.” i in no way got lower back with him on that trouble.

thank goodness, when I went to vote, i did not see my husband up at the wall at metropolis hall!
i sure did no longer need any small youngsters coming in there with their dad and mom and being fearful of seeing a man all chewed-up and bloody on the ground! i'm assuming the point of him looking to location such a image in metropolis corridor, was to bring awareness of letting puppies run unfastened round city and the dangers, if you happen to have a dangerous canine, of route.
soon after that incident, we determined out the metropolis had followed a resolution concerning dogs no longer being capable of run free in the metropolis. however, i nonetheless see a variety of dogs jogging round town.

No locking the doorways right here...

on another event, i noticed up the road from my house, someone changed into having a massive yard sale, and that they had even advertised it on a billboard on the town that this specific circle of relatives (well-known) was having a massive yard sale, and you would not want to overlook this backyard sale. i needed to run up to the publish office to have some thing mailed, but then noticed all of the human beings there for the backyard sale, and they did have plenty of gadgets.
so, i stopped to test it out, and became able to locate a few remarkable stuff. i saw two lovely, lengthy cement planters painted black, that would be perfect to region at the bricks lining my driveway, and they have been handiest seven bucks every. they were so heavy that i could not pick out them up. so, two exceptional, massive gents had been type sufficient to choose them up for me and region them in my automobile.

i walked with them to my vehicle and opened my trunk. then i had to get my keys out to free up my car to place the opposite objects i wanted inside the again seat of my automobile. while the two gents noticed i was unlocking my vehicle, they requested, “why did you lock your automobile?” i was surprised with the aid of the question, and said, well, only a addiction, as we simply moved from the large city, and one usually had to ensure one’s vehicle became locked. they simply laughed and laughed, and stated, properly, you do now not ought to worry about that right here, as we do no longer even lock our doors at the residence!

so, i advised them i needed to run to the atm to get more coins, as i had picked out more objects to purchase from the backyard sale. when I arrived returned, the 2 first-class gents, another time, helped me to load up my car. as we approached my car once more, i had to get my keys out to free up it. both men simply laughed once again, and stated, “you locked it once more, didn’t you?” i answered, “yes, i recognize, it's miles only a addiction.” ha. now, that is one huge difference between massive city life and small town lifestyles. but, you'll be able to in no way be too safe even in a small metropolis, because it isn't constantly immune from crime.

Small city households

in church, what i like is that there are families with an entire generation of own family individuals who're individuals of the church. you may see a incredible grandmother, grandmother, daughters, sons, grandchildren, and so forth, all right there at that one church. i assume this is so neat, as my circle of relatives is spread all over, i.e., my brother and his circle of relatives and one sister and her circle of relatives and my mom are all in georgia, and one sister and her family is in a metropolis in the southern a part of our country.

i would like just on the way to move some houses over or more than one streets over to have coffee with my sisters, brother or see my mother, while not having to travel several loads of miles. however, i recognize that having family too close, isn't usually the satisfactory thing either.
gambling possum

we discovered the tough manner, approximately what the saying, “gambling possum” surely approach. one night time we had a possum in our the front garage and our dog was just barking up a hurricane. so, we went out to look and certain enough there was a possum.
our dog, a touch jack russell, jumped on that possum and grabbed it by means of its neck. we notion it was dead. little did we realize, it turned into simply “playing possum.” i advised my husband that we couldn't permit our canine to be jogging around all day with a dead possum in its mouth whilst we had been inside the city running, as other critters may additionally come into the yard and try to fight her for it.

once I appeared out the window i saw my husband and my canine gambling tug-of-battle with the possum!!! i couldn't trust my eyes. my husband sooner or later were given our dog to permit move of the “useless” possum. so, he located it in a plastic bag and positioned it in the massive trash container.

once we arrived domestic that night, we had taken more trash out, and observed that the possum had squirmed out of the plastic bag. so it have been alive the complete time my husband and canine were gambling tug-of-warfare with it, and it can have bitten my husband in the stomach, and he may have needed to have rabies shots or something!

Town dog notices cows for the primary time

oh, when we first moved to the united states, our canine, maintaining in mind she is a metropolis canine, and never lived in the united states of america both – is obsessed on fetching the ball when it's miles thrown and could do this for hours in case you let her, regardless of how worn-out she gets. anyway, i was on my front porch after coming home from work one evening and determined to throw her the ball from the top of the ten brick steps main up to my the front door.
she loves to leap in mid-air and seize the ball. nicely, it did now not sunrise on me that my canine had by no means visible a actual stay cow up near and personal before, and that afternoon, all of a surprising, quite a few the black angus cows seemed inside the pasture. there are three pastures that run alongside our domestic across the road and round lower back of our home, which is good that they do not use simply one pasture all of the time, as we never have smelled any bad cow smells.

besides, i go to throw the ball to my canine, who leaps from the pinnacle of the ten steps in mid-air to catch the ball, and that i bet, out of the corner of her eye, she observed the cows, and she or he straight away forgot about that ball (that's notable) and nearly flipped over in mid-air and flipped out after seeing the ones cows. she without delay ran to the facet of our backyard going through the pasture and simply changed into barking out of manipulate on the cows, and that i should tell she become looking to figure out what the heck kind of animals they were over there. it become hilarious.

the terrible cows got so uninterested in her barking at them, they all, nearly in unison, turned round and went to the back of the pasture out of sight. i had to in the end deliver her into the house, just so she might shut up.

What is that noise?

and sooner or later, one greater little story. after arriving domestic from paintings one nighttime, it was so quality out and peaceful, i decided to get the garbage container at the stop of the driveway and pull it returned up into the garage.

our driveway is on a bit slope. anyway, about a 3rd of the manner up the driveway, nevertheless enjoying the peacefulness of the united states of america, all of a unexpected, i heard the maximum terrifying noise, which i could not even discover at the moment, coming from the again of the pasture.

i did now not have a clue what it turned into or precisely where it become, but i used to be so scared that i allow pass of the cope with to the extra huge garbage container and it rolled all the way back off the driveway. as i became to run returned into my house, i saw inside the pasture a donkey bucking so rapid and braying so very loud, and found out that it was the donkey i heard. if you have in no way heard a donkey braying up near, simply let me inform you it is deafening and frightening when you listen it for the primary time!

i notion then, properly, i realize if the friends saw me, they have been probably wondering, that woman just wishes to move on returned to the metropolis from in which she got here. ha. to pinnacle it off, that donkey is in reality getting to me, as almost every morning proper at five:00 a.m., while i am within the toilet, i will always hear within the distance that donkey braying. i just ought to giggle. that should be its wake-up time too. ha.

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